We’re moving our tracking studies to CAPI using tablets

In the ever changing world of market research we are always looking for ways to improve our techniques and offerings. Although we’ve been conducting computer aided personal interviewing (CAPI) for years, this has been using laptops. Laptops are great in central location tests (CLTs) but a little harder to use in in-home, in-street and in-store studies. Imagine our interviewers having to stand outside a supermarket holding a laptop or door knocking whilst carrying a laptop, plus pen, quota sheet, show cards, picture stimulus etc. etc.!

Following the launch of Apple’s ipad, numerous tablet brands have been developed, many of which are ideal for CAPI – lightweight, small and ultimately portable. This means we can now offer all the benefits of CAPI – no routeing to check, playing TV ads, radio clips and most importantly, quicker turnaround of results to our clients.

From May we are moving two of our biggest tracking studies onto tablets. This will involve a tablet training road show where we travel around the UK meeting our interviewers and training them on how to use the tablets. All very exciting stuff! Watch this space for more on our road show.

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Liz Davis
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Article date - 05/04/2012
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