What do we know about food & drink buyers?

There are many things we need to understand about what’s happening in the food and drinks market and in the words of Bob Dylan … ‘these times they are a-changing’  and always will be.

Did you know that the average UK family spends around £480 a year on food and drink that ends up being thrown away?  This equates to £12 billion pounds worth in total!

Nonetheless people are now taking slightly more health risks and are starting to use food that is close to, or even out of, its sell-by date as the purse strings tighten in these difficult times.  An FSA survey of 2,000 people recently suggested that at least half of the population are trying to make better use of leftover food (have a read of the findings here, on the Guardian’s website)

At Marketing Sciences we have such a wealth of experience in consumer product testing that we are extremely well placed to offer advice on all things related to ‘food and drink’ – not just the products themselves, but also the packaging, merchandising, pricing etc.

Our sensory panel who have much higher sensory acuity than most of us (only c.10% of the population would qualify), also help in delivering extremely detailed insights into the ‘footprint’ of any product and how it affects consumers. But consumers are not all the same and we need to engage with a whole range of different groups of people who all have very different needs (often driven by life-stage, attitudes to health as well as how time pressured their lives actually are and the need for ‘convenience foods’)

I will be blogging in the near future about some of the different types of food buyers our research has identified. Watch this space and figure out which one is you!

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Laura Ablett
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Article date - 16/09/2013
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