What makes an effective POS design? (Packaging News)

In simple terms the role of POS is to disrupt shopper behaviour at the fixture – to prevent an auto-pilot shop of the aisle.

Impact is therefore key and the same rules that apply to creating impactful packaging can be used to create impactful POS. There are no hard and fast rules about what makes something impactful – each category is different and so the solution for each category will be different. If the packaging in your category is primarily paler, pastel colours, then a bright bold coloured POS should have impact, but if packs are typically use bright and bold colours, then perhaps a different solution is better.

Assuming your POS is seen then the next hurdle is to get your message across. Key to effectively conveying your message is simplicity. Experience shows that shoppers spend only seconds looking at POS so the window to communicate your message is small. Shoppers warm to packaging that is uncluttered, and the same proves true for POS, so avoid lots of words – less is more – providing that the information that is used is compelling to them. Understanding the claim or promotion that best motivates your target is useful.

Design-wise POS should mirror elements of any other ATL/BTL communications – similar colours, images etc to those used in advertising outside the store will provide familiarity and reinforce the messages conveyed when seen in-store.

Too much POS in a category can be counter-productive. The aisle/fixture become cluttered and difficult to shop and if used by too many brands, or too liberally, POS can become wallpaper and offer a poor ROI for a brand.

For more discussion on the role of Point of Sale material, read my further contributions in Packaging News here.

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Article date - 11/09/2013
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