Will You Be My Buddy?

Please don’t be alarmed. I’m not recruiting for friends – well I suppose in a way I am but let me explain before you judge me! At Marketing Sciences we’ve recently introduced a “Buddy Scheme” for our new recruits to help them fit in and get to know different faces when they start.

We’ve all been there – you start a new job and you haven’t the foggiest who people are, what people do or what the company ethos is and as the majority of staff at MS have been working here for a long time, we thought it was probably quite daunting coming in as a new employee to a company where firm friendships and relationships already exist. The Buddy Scheme is in place to make this transition just that little bit smoother and offer a friendly face (the buddy) to talk to in order to find out more information about something to do with the company or even just Winchester itself.

Upon arrival, the new recruit is introduced to their immediate team and then given their own individual copy of the Marketing Sciences Welcome Pack – a booklet detailing all the key information about the company (e.g. salary payment dates, company values, a who’s who, information on the local area, such as pubs, cafes, shops etc) and information on our buddy scheme along with a picture of the buddy who has been carefully picked and assigned to them.

The buddy is introduced to them on their first day and from then on, the buddy will arrange to take the new recruit out for a coffee or lunch and meet up with them every now and then during their first two months. The buddy doesn’t replace their Line Manager and isn’t responsible for their training but the hope is it provides the new starter with a contact in a different department who they can talk to if they need anything clarifying and offers them the chance to meet new people.

So far so good – we’ve been trialling this since January with 4 new employees and it seems to be working well! We will of course be getting proper feedback from both the new employees and the buddies (we are Market Researchers after all!!) but our staff are our main asset and it’s hugely important to us that they feel as settled and welcomed as possible during the beginning of their new life as a Market Researcher!


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Hanna Bentley
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Article date - 13/03/2012
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