Winchester – The Best Place to Live

Marketing Sciences Unlimited is situated in the lovely city of Winchester nestled in the Hampshire countryside. Announced in the “Sunday Times Best Places to Live” guide, Winchester’s been voted the “best place to live in Britain”, the historic cathedral city was called “practically perfect”.

So why is Winchester such a great place to live and work? It has amazing outdoor spaces, community spirit and quality of living. It was praised by the Sunday Times for its “food, festivals and feel-good factor” and described as “a tasty slice of authentic history”. For the last three years “Visit Winchester” has been promoting it as “the perfect English city” with good schools, low crime and a range of tourist attractions.

Becs at St. Catherine’s Hill

The city has history, dating from 150 BC and not only was it chosen as England’s capital by King Alfred the Great, it has also been suggested it could have been the real site of King Arthur’s legendary Camelot. It also boasts the largest farmers’ market in the UK, one of Europe’s largest cathedrals, the restored Edwardian Theatre Royal Winchester, and dozens of upmarket shops and restaurants.


Jane at St. Swithun’s Gate

Each year there’s a diverse range of events from the Winchester Festival and Hat Fair to the Christmas Market in the Cathedral grounds, recognised as one of the best in Europe with its unique location, high quality exhibitors and bustling atmosphere.

Becki at Winchester Cathedral

Winchester provides something for everyone and to celebrate Marketing Sciences Unlimited’s home in this lovely city we held a “Selfie” competition.  Everyone who entered took a selfie in their favourite places, or with famous objects or some of the colourful people who live and work in Winchester, a few examples are included in this blog. We created an exciting and diverse collage of the city where we work.

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Article date - 27/04/2016
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