Attitudes to Online Shopping

We specialize in understanding the grocery shopper at Marketing Sciences. With the value of online grocery shopping set to reach £9.9bn by 2015, we took a closer look at these customers in our own, self-funded study.

Accompanied surfs to understand online shopping

What did we want to know? Well, we were curious to see how customers interact with retailers online and what impact this had on key brands being purchased. For example, if you always stick to your list of favourites what chance is there for new products to make it onto your shopping list? Also, if you have a certain way of referring to a product (e.g. a tin of beans) when you search, how are big brands at mercy to the power of the search function?

We carried out in-home accompanied web-surfs with online shoppers to understand and watch how they normally shop online, followed by depth interviews. We also tested a number of attitude statements quantitatively via our New Vista online panel.

FREE REPORT! Our Spotlight Report on Online Grocery Shopping is freely available – just get in touch with us to request a copy!

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