The Considered Consumer

At Marketing Sciences it’s important for us to be continually exploring new trends in shopping behavior. One area we have recently explored is to understand how younger consumers are shopping today, to understand The Future Shopper.

Understanding the shoppers of tomorrow

We were so curious to understand how The Future Shopper thinks and acts that we did a self-funded study in partnership with our sister agency from the Creston group, Communications company TMW.

And what did we do? We enjoyed doing exploratory groups with 16-18 year olds, 18-22 year olds and 25-30 years to immerse ourselves in their word. We also created a ‘Future Shopper Facebook’ group for our participants to chat about shopping and what makes them tick.


This study has shaped our thinking for how we understand The Future Shopper. We identified 5 key learnings, which we are happy to pass on to you too!

1. How long the Future Shopper spends making a purchase decision is actually longer – young shoppers are pretty considered about what they buy
2. Austerity Measures – the economy is likely to have a long term impact on The Future Shopper – with their habits being formed during this period of cutting back
3. But, young shoppers do seem willing to pay a convenience premium
4. We shouldn’t assume that all young shoppers want to shop online – it’s not always the best way due to the ‘delivery paradox’
5. Physical retail continues to fulfill a crucial role of pre-purchase trailing

We would love to tell you more about our work to understand The Future Shopper and how this has helped to distinguish an approach to shopper marketing
To receive a free copy of our PowerPoint report into this fascinating group and what brands should do to reach out to The Future Shopper, please contact us!

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