Cranking up the fun for Hula Hoops

Business Aims

Hula Hoops had been enjoying strong growth based on an innovation pipeline, but the core range had begun to decline due to intense competitive pressures. With a relaunch planned, packaging was to play a key role in supporting the inherent fun nature of the product

Marketing Sciences Solution

Our work assessed the performance of two potential routes across both single and multipack formats using our PACKMASTER approach, identifying the potential risk of change among existing buyers while quantifying the potential opportunities to engage a broader category audience.

Client Impact

One design route clearly delivered against the design brief – strengthening brand equity and being easier to find on-shelf. We identified an opportunity to improve flavour navigation on the multipack and an optimised design was launched in early 2017.

“The team was delighted with the great results, surpassing expectations – it was reassuring to see such a clear recommendation on which design to progress to launch”
Jenna Hadwen, Research & Insights Manager at KP Snacks

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