Managing expectations


Highland Spring wanted to understand consumer views of the packaging & label design, as well as the appeal of the brand name for their still flavoured water brand, HYDR8. Previously, little consumer communications testing had been conducted on the brand. Highland Spring wished to understand the connection between the packaging & expectations of the HYDR8 product to determine whether the label positioned the water in the strongest light.


We conducted a 2-day bulletin board with regular drinkers of still clear flavoured water, targeting a mix of ages & genders. Using a range of techniques, we explored the strength of the label design against the competitor set and developed a set of key recommendations.


Findings from the research were used to re-design the HYDR8 label, including the hierarchy of information, to ensure it communicated the key attributes in the most effective way.

“We worked closely with Marketing Sciences throughout the project and as a result, we had clear insight and learnings that we could easily take forward and apply to the brand.  We are delighted with the new label designs which now are delivering the product appeal and benefit in a much more compelling way, and believe they will resonate strongly with our target audience – as well as deliver great shelf stand out.”

Mary Drysdale, Brand Manager

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