Finish – Pack functionality

With a desire for the pack to support the overall brand experience, the team at Reckitt Benckiser presented us with a new flexible pouch for Finish Quantum. Designed to offer improved functionality for the consumer, as well as a smaller carbon footprint for the business, the team wanted reassurance that consumers would welcome the changes.

21% growth in sales & packaging industry winner

Expanding our PACKMASTER approach to include an observation stage – watching respondents as they interacted with the new pack – we concluded that the pack offered significant improvements from a consumer perspective (more likely to be opened correctly, plus easier to use) and offered a rare uplift in purchase intent.

Launched into the competitive autodishwash market our predictions were realised with a 21% growth in value sales in a category where consumption is flat. We think it’s great, and we’re not alone… voted a winner in the UK Packaging Awards 2013.

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