Global NPD in Whisky



Our client, Edrington came to us to help develop a whisky that reconnects the Macallan brand with a younger audience and keeps the brand fresh and innovative 

For true success, the new product offer must succeed at a GLOBAL level



A 4 month programme of developmental and validation research was undertaken in 2 key markets, the US and Taiwan.This started with qualitative product development workshops to identify a strong concept, optimum product name and brand positioning that ‘best fits’ with the whisky product. We then held an interim refinement workshop with key stakeholders, leading to a final stage quantitative concept & product test. 

All of this was underpinned with sensory profiling, by our expert panel, to help identify and build relevant language for communication purposes.



Despite a challenging timeline, confidence in the research results has led to a highly successful launch. We were delighted to receive a signed thank you bottle of Macallan from our client at the end of the work!

Edrington Logo_CMYK



‘Marketing Sciences were a superb support on a challenging and fast-paced project. They remained professional, highly efficient and proactive throughout and Elaine and Sunita were a pleasure to work with, becoming a part of our extended team! Their expertise was greatly valued and contributed to the success of our product launch and confident decision making at the highest levels of our business.’

Lisa King – Insight & Effectiveness Manager

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