Cadbury – New Global brand Identity

Mondelez approached us with a need to change the packaging globally for their Cadbury Dairy Milk brand bringing to life the joyful character of the brand.

Using qual and quant to best effect

Initial design concepts offered a variety of differing ways of navigating a large range, and perhaps surprisingly the strongest route emerging from our first round of qual adopted an approach breaking category conventions – replacing product shots with joyful icons expressing each flavour.

Further work refined the design while our team seamlessly transitioned from qualitative to quantitative, to validate that the design delivered against the brand’s objectives across its main global markets.

“Having one supplier conduct both stages of research was invaluable and the qual and quant teams at MS worked very well together to paint a complete picture. Both teams were across the learnings at every stage of the research and it added a huge amount of value to the overall process. We would definitely do this again.”  (Zoe Aitken, Senior Manager, Consumer Insights & Strategy)

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