Premier Foods – Navigating Ranges

Sharwoods wanted to help shoppers navigate their range – enabling a clearer identification of cuisines and flavours, and an improved shopping experience – to encourage the cross selling of sauces and accompaniments by a consistent look and feel, as well as cross selling messages, to ultimately drive sales for the range.

Helping shoppers navigate the Sharwoods' range

A new packaging design had been developed and we were asked to give confidence that the design change would address the core objectives. Using a combination of qual and quant approaches running in parallel, we were able to demonstrate that differentiation between cuisines had improved, while opportunities existed in parts of the range to improve the design further and strengthen key brand values.

Using vox-pops to bring consumer reactions to life it was great to see the team took the learnings on-board, enhancing the design and launching the new packaging on-shelf in late 2013.

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