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Simplyhealth is the UK’s biggest cash and dental plan provider, supporting 3.5 million people with their healthcare needs.  Many of their customers join as a result of personal recommendation, and of course satisfied customers are less likely to change provider.  This means that capturing feedback and taking it seriously is vital to their growth and success as a business.

Against a backdrop of rising customer expectation, this became even more vital.   When our original survey first launched in 2005, 89% of cash plan customers were either delighted or completely satisfied.  Simplyhealth found that maintaining this was a challenge, and they worked with Marketing Sciences to develop a method to hone in on the underlying drivers of satisfaction. The answer was to redevelop their existing customer survey and launch the Customer Experience Tracker (CET) in 2011 in its place.





The CET operates through a bespoke dashboard, which combines high level metrics with verbatim feedback, and is updated on a fortnightly basis.  The dashboard means quicker reporting – the team speaks to those who have used the service within a week.  Results are collated every fortnight.  This allows us to maintain a complete picture of customer satisfaction within 2-3 weeks hence, compared to a previous lag time of 5 weeks.  The dashboard also means easily accessible data for the entire business through a series of simple drop down menus, as well as instant access to negative feedback alongside the contact details of customers to allow rapid action with individual customers.  We conduct 25,000 interviews a year.

Simplyhealth work closely with the team at Marketing Sciences, who transform huge amounts of data into actionable insight.  We also advise on how they can best utilise the data.  For example, Simplyhealth wanted a quick and cost effective way to address issues arising from the CET.  After exploring the possibility of a community, Marketing Sciences advised that a customer panel would be most appropriate.  That panel now comprises c.3000 Simplyhealth customers who are invited to complete surveys on a variety of key issues around six times a year.



Simplyhealth then use this insight to refine our business objectives, linking customer satisfaction rates directly to remuneration and overall business performance.  This year, they developed a new strategy centred around improved customer experience.  Verbatim feedback combined with ‘deep-dive’ interviews made it clear that what customers want is a quick response.  They then want this to be followed by a rapid solution with minimum effort on their part.  We decided to examine every touch point, from contact over claims to responding to a mailing, and examine the effort they required from customers.

In 2005, 89% of cash plan customers were either delighted or completely satisfied.  That figure now stands at 92%.  We are passionate about maintaining this impressive feedback to unlock future growth, and it is the research carried out by Marketing Sciences which makes that possible.


“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Marketing Sciences Unlimited. They have been supportive and patient over many years. The CET has provided us with rapid and detailed feedback enabling us to drive up and sustain very high levels of customer satisfaction.”


Louise Silke, Insight Executive, Simplyhealth

“We feel that this, alongside NPS, gives us a well-rounded view of the customer and helps us to identify any areas where the different metrics are linked, and where best they should focus on improvements and recognise success. The funds available for bonuses are largely determinable on the performance against these objectives, demonstrating the amount of commitment that the leadership team has to them and how hugely important they are to an organisation in measuring success. We use the longitudinal data available through the tracker to determine and set the specific targets for customer satisfaction each year.”


Sarah Ford, Head of Insight, Research & Development, Simplyhealth



Our work with Simplyhealth has been nominated for an MRS Client Impact Of The Year Award 2015. We were also awarded the Confirmit ACE Award 2015 for data collection excellence.

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