Velux – The customer’s world

How do you understand your customers when you don’t deal directly with them? This was the question facing VELUX; the roof window manufacturer, who predominantly sell to merchants & installers rather than home-owners.

Bridging the gap between supplier and end-user

Our first step was a series of interactive stakeholder workshops to identify key research priorities and existing knowledge before designing a 4 year research programme.

This has included quantitative segmentation, qualitative online bulletin boards and depth interviews not only with end-users but also installers and architects to build a 360 view of the purchase process.

From this we have and continue to build an intricate picture of the VELUX end-user which we have found is not one portrait but a gallery of different customer profiles. As our knowledge of their behaviours and drivers deepen we can allow VELUX to optimise and tailor their end offering to each group.

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