A Year at Marketing Sciences Unlimited

The times they are a changin’ to quote the words of Bob Dylan. Well, that is certainly what it feels like for me after coming back from a year of Maternity Leave.

On my return to the fold at Marketing Sciences Unlimited, I have spent the past couple of months learning about the new and exciting developments that have taken place here in the last year.

There’s one thing you can say about Marketing Sciences Unlimited, it is that we do not rest on our laurels. The innovations that are coming from all around the company are keeping things fresh and exciting..

Have a watch of this video that sums up 2014


Some exciting new #mrx insights

We have created a brand new customer online panel for SimplyHealth; We have done the biggest piece of eye tracking research in our history so far with over 200 eye tracks; we delivered a great mobile app study for a leading consumer brand showing how digital research is going from strength to strength; we built on our mobile wallet research which now dates back to 2011 tracking the trends in consumer attitudes making it one of the most interesting studies in the sector; we are working on an exciting neuroscience project for a major travel company looking at their advertising…and much much more!

We recruited lots of new research professionals

to our growing team. From research executives to research directors, our team has expanded. Lots of new faces to get to know!

Neuroscience continues to fascinate and amaze

Our acquisition of Walnut Unlimited means we have an even more solid grounding in neuroscience and some of the applications for research are totally amazing. We are busy busy busy talking to our clients about neuroscience – as a way to engage your stakeholders it is second to none.  Not only that, the research insights it gives our clients are going far deeper than any simple brand tracking tool already being used.

Training our clients in market research continues

It seems we cannot resist helping people to learn more about insight and the many ways it can be used around businesses. We held several Embracing Insight Innovation workshops with clients attending from Barclays, Nestle, Iglo, Vodafone, KP and others , as well as our ever-popular The Essentials of Market Research training day which has been attended by  nearly 100 client-side researchers in the industry since 2009!  We also launched our Senses Working Overtime workshop which introduce clients to the amazing world of our high tech sensory science lab.

We are one of the best small companies to work for according to The Sunday Times

I know that  everyone was absolutely delighted to get onto the Sunday Times Best Companies list – this was the first year we entered for this prestigious award. We were thrilled to come 14th, by far the highest rated research and insight agency. We won other awards toothey say it is all about taking part, but naturally it is very pleasing to win too! We won a Bronze Award at the National Green Awards, as well as the ACE Confirmit Award 2014. Also, we were a finalist in the award for MRS Best Agency (with a Turnover of £20 Million or less)!

We launched a brand new website

We work with so many interesting brands and products, researching new ideas for our clients.  Many are often quite top secret, but on our new website we have showcased some of our work that we are allowed to shout about  as well as a rebranding where we embraced the colour pink across the whole company, hoorah!

Innovation internally

It’s not always about glamorous innovation, sometimes the best things are just simple internal processes. Over the past 12 months, Marketing Sciences Unlimited has created a number of streamlined systems which are helping all departments to work more efficiently.

All in all, I’ve been impressed by how busy everyone has been throughout 2014 and I look forward to working on more exciting things going into 2015!


Marketing Sciences reflects on an excellent 2014


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Article date - 09/01/2015
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